Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own wine?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring any any alcoholic beverage with you.  It is illeagal and we have to abide by Illinios State Law.


Will my tickets transfer from the original date?

Yes, your tickets will transfer over to the new date.


Can I get more tasting tickets?


Additional wine tasting tickets are sold by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association. 


Do I need a ticket to sit on the grass and enjoy the jazz music?

Yes, you will need a ticket to come on to the grounds of the festival.  If you don’t plan on sampling wine you will need to purchase the designated driver ticket. 

You can by wine and beer by the glass. 


Can I bring an umbrella or tent for shade?

Many tables with umbrellas are provided and situated along the outside perimeter of the festival lawn as to not obstruct the view. 

You will be permitted to bring a handheld umbrella.  (no beach umbrellas)

Is there a designated driver ticket?

Yes, the ticket is $10 and only avaible at the door.  Your ticket will allow you entry into the festival grounds. 

Is this a rain or shine event?

Ottawa 2 Rivers Wine Fest is a rain or shine event. However, in the case of unsafe conditions – lightning, tornado, earthquake, tsunamis, hurricanes, zombie apocalypse, etc., the fest grounds will close until conditions are safe to re-open.
*Please check our Facebook page for updates.

Can I bring my cooler?

Please leave the coolers at home.  Small bags that contain unopened water bottles are allowed.  

All items are subject to search.

Can I bring my child?

You must me 21 or older to enter the festival grouds. Leave the kids at home and take time for you. Everyone will need to bring a governemnt issued ID to show proof of age.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we love dogs we ask that you leave them at home.  Only document service animals wearing an animal working harness will be allowed into the festival. 

I lost, I dropped, or left my wine glass at home can I get another one?

Yes, you can purchase annother glass for $5.00.

Can I bring a backpack or purse?

We would prefer that you don’t but if you must, backpacks and big purses will be subject to search.


I can no longer attend the fest, can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final, and we don’t offer exchanges or refunds. Why don’t you find someone who loves wine and give them your tickets out of the kindness of your heart?

Will the wineries accept credit cards?

Some wineries might be equipped to accept credit cards.  Please bring your cash just in case. If you need cash there several ATM machines around the downtown area. There is an ATM in the 1st National Bank at the corner of Madison and LaSalle (one block north of the festival grounds), an outside ATM at Midland Bank on the corner of Jefferson and Columbus (1 1/2 block north of the festival), and inside JJ’s Pub.  

Am I able to leave the grounds and come back?

Yes, you will need to keep your wristband for re-entrance. 

Will food be available?

Yes, lobster will be there of course and Ottawa’s very own Cheese Shop.  

Why are there drink tickets?

Because there are laws, and we like to keep in compliance with them. It’s complicated, and you can read all about it HERE. Each drink ticket can be exchanged for a 1 oz sample.