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If you have questions about the fest – JUST ASK!! Send them to: info@ottawa2riverswinefest.com. We will answer your questions ASAP. Cheers!


Q. Do I save any money by ordering online?

A. YES! Tickets for wine/beer pass and Lobster dinners are higher at the door!



Q. Can I get more tasting tickets?

A. Absolutely! Additional tasting tickets are sold on the far west end of the tent.


Q. Is there an ATM  machine nearby?

A. You know it! Cash is King so we will have a machine ready for you on the festival grounds.


Q. Will the wineries accept credit cards?

A. Some wineries may be equipped to accept credit cards. But, we will have an ATM machine nearby, just in case!


Q. What if I lose my wine glass or forget to bring it back the next day?

A. We’ll get you another – no problem! BUT, it’s gonna cost you $5. So keep an eye on your glass!


Q. May we bring wine onto the jazz lawn?

A. If you buy it from one of our wineries – Absolutely! And you’re gonna love it. But do not leave the festival grounds with your glass of wine or craft beer. No open alcohol may leave the festival grounds. You may purchase your favorite wine by the bottle or case to take home!


Q. I’d like to bring a large umbrella for shade. Is that OK?

A. Many tables with umbrellas are provided and situated along the outside perimeter of the festival lawn as to not obstruct the view. If you must have your own private shade we encourage you to find a spot along the outside of the lawn area as well. Anyone blocking another guest’s view with a large umbrella will be politely asked to relocate their shady seat.


Q. We are bringing a designated driver. Is he allowed under the tent even if he doesn’t drink?

A. First of all – THANK YOU for being responsible! And, as long as your designated driver is 21 years old they may be under the tent. All IDs will be checked and hands will be stamped and wristband will be applied. This proves they were checked. Ticket holders will then proceed to the will-call area to get their wine glass and tasting tickets.


Q. Do I need separate tickets for the wine and the lobster?

A. Yes. You need separate tickets for the wine and lobster. (yawn)


Q. Are there any non-alcoholic beverages sold at the festival?

A. Of course! The Cheese Shop ‘n Deli next to the lobster tent has very large and refreshing, fresh lemonade and iced tea, bottled water and soda.


Q. Could we bring a picnic basket with food and wine?

A. Well, let me put it to you this way….you may bring the picnic basket of course, and fill it with wine, lobster, cheese and other amazing food that you purchase at Wine Fest!! All our vendors including the wineries, the Rotarians who provide cook and and serve the lobster, and Ottawa’s own Cheese Shop n Deli, ALL work VERY hard to help make this a first-class event. We prohibit any outside food and beverages entering the festival site. Please support the fest!


Q. Is Wine Fest a kid-friendly event?

A. As much as we love children (and puppies!)  – we do not encourage those little ones (nor strollers) in the tented area because of safety issues and the volume of people.


Q. Are dogs allowed at the Wine fest?

A. Dogs are not allowed under the Wine Fest tent. And, because of the large number of people attending, we strongly discourage dogs even on the jazz lawn, unless they can play the saxophone.

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